Transforming Technologies

Ionizing Blowers


Performance and Design Excellence

The AC ionizers from Transforming Technologies create a dense and well-balanced ionization current. They are unique in their ability to deliver fast decay times with low offset voltages. Continuous balance and decay protection is assured by the reliable AC design.


Built with the User in Mind

An integrated emitter point cleaner, removable front and rear fan guards, safety switch combine to make the BFN 801 a user-friendly ionizer. The safety switches turn off all power to the ionizer during service for the operator safety.



The BFN801 designed to neutralize electrostatic charges in bench top environments, sensitive materials assembly, Medical Device, SMT, Electronics Assembly, Automotive packaging, clean room and laboratory environments.



Test Equipment


  • Warmbier EFM51.VK Electrostatic Field Meter Verification Kit
  • Warmbier EFM51.CPS Charge Plate System and Field Meter
  • Warmbier EFM51 Electrostatic Field Meter
  • 282 Pocket-sized, Noncontacting Static Meter
  • EFM115 Electrostatic Field Meter and Ion Balance Tester


Personal Grounding


A complete kit for working with ESD sensitive items in the field.


The FSM2424RSG Field Service Mat is made from a rugged, three-layer embossed PVC material and provides service personnel with a static free work area for handling sensitive devices. Kit includes the WB0016 adjustable fabric wrist strap and FM2000 ground/coil combo cord for easy connection to ground and wrist strap.


The red 24″ x 24″ mat includes two 10 mm male snaps and two 8″ x 12″ pockets. Lightweight and easy to fold for storage. The edges are bound for durability. The outer layer is resistant to punctures and tears. A buried conductive layer provides reliable decay of static charges.


Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20.